Curled up in a chair, trying to read ThisDay newspaper, she saw a word “Self” and drifted into a world of her own. Younger self excited, beaming with grace, going about her business grateful for life. Another reflection of she appeared from a distance in deep thought. All of a sudden it became glaring as if in a trance. She has this glooming face, wandering around, disturbed by something. Her thoughts were deafening.

She looked around and started to talk to herself. Her younger self approached her and she stopped for a while. She looked her younger self in the eye and asked her, ” Are you proud of who you are now or who you are becoming ? ” ” Are you estactic about how far you have come?”, Younger self remembered she has always fantasized about who she was going to become while growing up. She has dreamt of becoming a star in the media world. Making a name for herself as the most sought-after in the big industry. An eloquent speaker, voracious reader, confident child who could not wait to grow up and outlive it all. She came back to herself and the newspaper in her hands was soaked in her tears.

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. Proverb 4: 23

Individuals need to keep their mental health checked. The world is not smiling, thereby making life Difficult for people and disrupting the achievable plans they have set out for themselves. Other super humans aspired and defiled all odds, becoming victorious. It all depends on the angle you are viewing from.

One of the biggest challenge the world is facing now is depression. Many young people are depressed with the activities and jobs they have now. Most just want to get it over with. The truth of the matter is you believing in yourself. Trust your own intuition. The struggle is part of the story. Another’s mind is not walking your journey, you are.

Do you have questions in your mind right now ? How did we get here? Are you blaming yourself, feeling less of a man, thinking of commiting suicide? OR are you hoping for a better tomorrow? Will your younger self applaud you for being strong will and determined to defile all odds and succeed? I pray so.

A penny for your thought. Feel free to post a comment below.


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